Styling Your Master Bedroom from Head to Toe the Easy Way

When Hamilton County homebuyers look at your home, your master bedroom stands alongside your kitchen and bath as one of the three rooms that have to impress for a sale to be sealed. With so many options for bedroom style to choose from, staging this room can be overwhelming – what do Hamilton County buyers really want to see when it comes to this centerpiece room? Check out these staging tips and tricks to make an impression that can push the deal towards a close.


Consider What You Have to Work With


The features of your bedroom greatly affect how you should be staging it – staging can help maximize its strong points, and minimize its flaws. For example, if your master bedroom is on the small side, stick with only the essentials with your staging, and maximize space. Skip out on decorative elements like pottery, use standing lamps or overhead lighting, and remove bulky elements like dressers or oversized nightstands. Keep surfaces and pathways clear – you don’t want buyers tripping on a throw rug.


Make Your Bedroom Appeal to Both Sexes


You never know what buyers are going to be looking at your home, and you certainly can’t quiz them beforehand to hastily stage together a room that caters to their personal tastes. However, you can take the middle road and strive to present a room that appeals to most tastes – and most importantly, both sexes. Don’t present a room that’s overly masculine, nor one that’s overly feminine. You risk alienating half of your potential buyers, and that’s simply not a risk you can take, even if you’re dying to use that pink rose-print comforter, or bedeck the room in sports memorabilia. Gravitate toward gender-neutral colors and patterns for bedding, and simple but stylish furnishings.


Depersonalize the Room and Keep Things Neutral


Bedrooms are some of the most personal rooms in any given home, and it’s only natural that your room have personal items in it. However, you must clear rooms of these personal items before buyers view the home – you are striving to present a welcoming space, but also a neutral one. An overly-personalized room will jar your buyer out of the proper headspace, and can make them feel like they are intruding in someone’s private life – not something you want to have happen when you’re looking to sell your home. Box up personal knickknacks and photographs to not only bring the space to a more neutral point, but also to clean up the room to your buyer’s eye.


In addition to other efforts to depersonalize a bedroom, stick to colors that have wider appeal. Wine reds and nautical blues may be hot colors in interior design today, but they regardless tend to be risky choices when it comes to making them a bedroom’s dominant color. A bedroom should have a relaxing, soothing aesthetic, so stick with quieter colors like whites, blacks, and grays and add splashes of color with wall art or floral arrangements.


Bedroom interior design can be overwhelming with the amount of choices laid before you. Ask a drab to fab real estate agent for professional tips and advice to really make your home stand out from the crowds, and give you the classic style that will get homebuyers pounding down your door.


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