Small Home Staging Elements That Have a Big Impact

A solid home staging setup is sure to sell your Hamilton County home for more, and that’s a fact. However, don’t become stuck in the mindset that staging means a total home makeover, and don’t think that it has to exhaust your time and cash during an already stressful time. Check out these small home staging pieces and projects that can have a big impact with minimal strain on you.


A Good First Impression Goes a Long Way


Many buyers know whether or not they’re going to buy a house the moment they spot it from the curb. First impressions are everything in the real estate world, and even the smallest improvements or additions to your home’s exterior can make you see big results when it comes to a buyer’s offer. An afternoon installing some potted plants on your front porch and giving your fence a fresh coat of paint could be the difference between a sale and a buyer walking before they even see your home’s interior.


Bring In the Finer Things


You want to sell your home as an enviable product, so make sure to dress it up in its finest. Replacing dowdy or outdated furniture, dining ware, and other decorative elements is a speedy way to dress up a room within a few hours’ time, and doesn’t have to cost you a bundle if you rent the elements in question from a professional staging agent. Even a home with rustic charms can benefit from being staged with new and carefully-selected decorative elements, so move that dusty old couch into storage and rent a stylish new loveseat for your home’s open house.


Appealing to the Masses


Depersonalization is a large part of home staging – you want to make your home appeal to the largest market, and for many aspiring home sellers, that means dialing down their personal touch on a home. A home that has fewer family photos, less sports paraphernalia, and fewer unique knickknacks is easier for a prospective buyer to project themselves into. When a buyer can see themselves living in a home, you’re all that much closer to closing the deal.


Let In the Light


Lighting has a huge impact on how buyers view your home, and this element is simple and cheap to work to your advantage. When it comes to bringing in light, more is more: bring in as much natural sunlight as possible with opaque or sheer curtains and large, freshly-cleaned windows. Complement your windows’ efforts by bringing in bright artificial lighting. A standing lamp in a room’s corners will give bright illumination without taking up table or floor space, and is less work to install than ceiling or wall lighting. Not only do standing lamps corner the market on space, but you can match them to nearly any room’s style – an essential when it comes to staging.


Staging is an excellent way to give your home an edge in the real estate market, and when you ask a drab-to-fab staging agent for advice and strategies, you’ll be able to sell your home for the price it deserves. Cut the stress out of your selling experience and consult with the pros today.

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