How to Stage Your Home to Appeal to Downsizing Baby Boomers

Properly staging your home to appeal to different markets is essential if you want to get the best price for your property. While the housing market is experiencing steady recovery from the recent recession, many young people still aren’t buying houses – and one of the growing markets for home sales lies in the hands of the baby boomer generation. As they grow older, many are deciding to downsize on their homes and move into a house that’s more manageable for their changing needs. Stage your home smartly, and you’ll be able to take advantage of this market trend in Hamilton County.


Simplicity and Ease of Use Sell


This generation is settling into retirement, and generally no longer have to worry about children and teens tromping through the house – at least until grandchildren come around, that is. This means they’re more willing to overlook certain flaws in your home if there are corresponding pros that accompany them. For example, a small home may not be ideal for a young homebuyer or a buyer with a family, but is a wonderfully manageable size for an aging couple to have a cozy and easy-to-maintain retirement nest. Take care of any home improvement needs before you consider selling, especially heavy-duty ones involving roof or foundation repair – older buyers are far less likely to want to invest time and effort into buying a home that needs work, especially when they have enough saved income to buy a home that’s set and ready to go.


Don’t hesitate to install modern hardware and amenities that make day-to-day life easier, more affordable, and more streamlined. Standing showers are not only a hot design trend at the moment, but also provide easier, safer bathing for individuals with motility limitations. Hardwood floors have far less upkeep than carpet, and give your home a more spacious, elegant look. Most modern hardware such as shower heads, sink fixtures, and lighting pieces are also far more energy-friendly than older hardware, making utility bills far more manageable for buyers looking to retire.


Stage Classically and Traditionally


Sleek modern and contemporary furniture and design pieces are great ways to attract younger buyers, but many older buyers find them impersonal and off-putting. When staging to appeal to older homebuyers, try for a more traditional or classic style: cozy, comfortable couches in warm reds and browns, with softer, more understated lighting. For wall pieces, landscapes and traditional American art are excellent choices – abstract modern art runs the risk of coming across as pretentious.


Don’t forget to bring your staging right to your home’s curb. A well-kept lawn and garden appeals to all stripes of buyers, and when your buyers are looking to spend their golden years relaxing there, it really needs to be up to their standards. Install stone walkways, patios, and other outdoor amenities to add visual interest.


Baby boomers have been a legendary generation, and your home will be in good hands with them. Ask a drab to fab real estate agent for tips and advice on how to cater to their needs and tastes, and you’ll find that your home will catch a healthy price on the real estate market – and fast. It’s well worth the investment.

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