Hot Flooring Styles for any Room to Make Your Home Stand Out


Dressing your home from head to toe in style will help your home sell for more, and sell faster. While many enterprising home sellers will freshen a wall’s paint job or modernize furniture for market appeal, they tend to shy away from flooring improvement projects; writing them off as too complicated or expensive to DIY. However, updating your flooring to appeal to current buyer tastes is vital – you shouldn’t and cannot ignore it when flooring affects every room in your house. Learn what flooring trends are hot, and which flooring trends are not, in Hamilton County.


The Best Flooring Styles in 2015


Flooring trends in 2015 are changing just as fast as other designing elements. One of the most popular options remains hardwood flooring, but don’t be fooled – you’re no longer limited to straight lines of American hardwoods in various shades of dark brown. The long-lasting popularity of hardwood flooring has led to the development of a variety of wood species, a variety of colors, and many installation options that will give any room its own unique charm. Bamboo, reclaimed wood, and cork are all hot new wood flooring materials that will give a room a truly unique and striking impact, and yet still have the warm hardwood charm that any buyer is looking for. Expand your tastes beyond brown by installing black, gray, and white hardwood flooring – it will give a room a striking canvas for you and your staging agent to build upon.


Tiling remains a popular and functional flooring option for kitchens and bathrooms; a position this easy-to-clean and durable material well deserves. However, expand your palette beyond the bland whites and into wide-panel geometric tiling to give your kitchen, bathrooms, and more a modern, chic look. Easy and cheap to install with a full library of styles for any taste, tiling is a solid, functional flooring option that should never go ignored.


What Not to Wear: Flooring Styles to Shy From


When staging your home for sale, there are simply some styles that are better than others. Remember that you’re looking to appeal to the largest amount of buyers possible, and to sell your home fast – thus, you shouldn’t take risks on styles that are too high-maintenance or avant-garde. For example, you may think that golden yellow shag carpeting brings the room together, but all buyers are thinking when they see it is how much time, effort, and money it’ll take to rip it up and toss it away. You’ll also want to seriously consider whether the cost of installation will truly be worth it when it comes time to signing away your property. Stonework, a beautiful option that has taken quite a hold on the interior design world, is nevertheless quite expensive when it comes to ringing up costs for materials and the professional install it begs for. If you’re considering a stonework install solely for staging appeal, you may find that other flooring options are far more cost-effective when the home’s final selling price is considered. Stage with simple styles and with materials and colors that have wide appeal, and you’ll see much more of a return on your investment.


Flooring improvement projects can be made easy with the help of a knowledgeable staging agent. Ask a drab-to-fab home staging agent for tips and strategies on improving your home’s overall look for sale – they have the expert knowledge and market experience to help you make the best decisions and get your home selling for more.

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