4 Gardening Tips to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

We’re told to never judge on first impressions in grade school, but unfortunately, all’s fair in love and real estate. A buyer’s first look at your home from the street often spells the difference between a sale and a loss in under a minute, so it’s up to you and your drab to fab real estate agent to get your home’s curb appeal up to snuff. And with spring finally arriving in Hamilton County, what better way to improve appeal than with a beautiful home garden? A lush landscape is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost curb appeal, and can provide the perfect framing for your home that will draw a buyer’s eye unlike anything else.


Don’t Forget to Keep Up with the Garden You Have


Of course, before you can implement all the improvements you’ve been dreaming of, you’ve got to take stock of what you already have and dress it up to match. No buyers will notice those beautiful annuals you’ve planted if your bushes and branches are overgrown – especially if they’re in danger of damaging the house itself. Trim back overgrown trees and hedges, and replace rotted or damaged fixtures. Not only is this essential maintenance for any home-owner looking to sell, but will provide you with a cleaner canvas to work with for further enhancements.


Springing Up in Unique Spots


Don’t just stick to the old standard of flowerbeds lining your home’s exterior. Flora and greenery will grow everywhere you let it, and a little ingenuity will help your home stand out from the rest. Try adding visual interest to your home’s fence with climbing plants and ivy, or creating a lush little floral nest around your standing mailbox. Trees and shrubberies are longer-term investments as far as gardening installations go, and can require a bit more upkeep. If you’re looking to sell fast, the process of tearing up your lawn to plant trees may wind up harming your home’s curb appeal more than it helps. Plan early and plan ahead.


Think Beyond the Green


Gardens aren’t just about seeds and mulch. Set off your garden with some attractive art pieces to add visual interest, and maybe even a bit of utility. Your artistic palette can range from simple wind chimes to the installation of a garden fountain, but be careful to match your pieces to your home’s aesthetic. A rustic or Victorian home may have its face marred by the addition of an aggressively modern piece, and you’ll wind up with a potential buyer who would love to sign that contract – if not for that hideous art deco statuary dotting the front lawn. Speak with your home staging agent for style advice, and save yourself the headache.


Gardening with Space at a Premium


Unfortunately, not every home has vast green acres to work with for a beautiful landscape. However, that doesn’t mean gardening is out of the question – one must simply work with the tools provided. Window boxes are a quick and easy way to add a bit of nature to your home, and are perfect for homes without much lawn space. Plant containers can be added to steps, walkways, and porches for further visual interest, and can be complemented with attractive pottery and hanging chains to accent your home’s unique style.


Ask a drab to fab real estate agent to get your home’s curb appeal up and ready for the market, and skip out on home-selling stress. You won’t regret it!

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