3 Home Staging Myths and Misconceptions Exposed

Home staging isn’t something well-known to the general populace. After all, if you’re not out to sell your Hamilton County home, most people simply don’t have the opportunity or need to educate themselves on it. However, this is how misconceptions can spread. There are many misconceptions and myths about home staging and its effect on selling your home, and we’re here to give you the straight facts on what’s real and what’s not in the world of staging and home sale.


Myth: “Staging doesn’t really work to sell your home for more money. Buyers can see right through it.”


It’s true that there’s a limit to what staging can do: for example, staging won’t turn a tiny brick cottage in the woods into a sprawling contemporary home in a bustling city. However, when it comes to home sale, it’s been proven time and again by real estate agents that staging sells homes. It’s simply common sense that you want your home to appeal to modern tastes, and that you want your home to look its best for its market debut. Thus, you don’t want to present your home as-is (that load of dirty laundry in your bedroom doesn’t add homey charm!), nor do you want to present your home completely void of furniture or decoration – in both these scenarios, buyers will find it difficult to imagine how they could fit their lives into this home. Smart staging will present a carefully-arranged product, designed by an expert staging agent to help buyers place themselves in the scene.


Myth: “Staging is just about buying some new throw pillows and painting the walls.”


Well, that’s a start. But home staging doesn’t begin and end with freshening up your home’s paint job. Staging extends to every room of the house, and even into your home’s exterior and garden – you’ve got to pay attention to the entire picture when staging, or else your work will wind up disjointed and uneven; making your home’s flaws stick out like a sore thumb. You’ll find that staging also includes home improvement projects such as re-roofing, inspection and repair of piping and electrical work, and even total room re-designs, complete with sawdust and knocked-down walls. Home staging is total home improvement, with a laser focus on getting your home prepped for the modern market.


Myth: “Staging is easy, why would I need to pay someone to do it for me?”


When you’re stuck on thinking staging is just about picking out some new end-tables, you may think that it’s something that you can easily do yourself – why pay for professional staging? When you pay for a professional stager, you’re paying for experience and expertise, as well as convenience at a time when your stress may already be through the roof. Professional stagers know exactly what makes a home sell in your local market, and are up-to-date on the hot interior design trends that you can exploit to get buyers lining up at the door. That kind of know-how doesn’t come quickly or easily, and isn’t something you need to be frustrating yourself with when you’re already juggling piles of real estate paperwork: pro stagers have the means to improve your home without you needing to lift a finger.


When you want to sell your Hamilton County home without the stress, staging is key to success, and banishing misconceptions you might have about the process is essential. If you want to know more about how home staging can streamline your selling process, ask a drab-to-fab real estate agent – they’ve got the experience and know-how to answer your home staging questions, and get your home on the fast track to a closing. You don’t want to miss out.houses-700232_1280

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