Small Home Staging Elements That Have a Big Impact

A solid home staging setup is sure to sell your Hamilton County home for more, and that’s a fact. However, don’t become stuck in the mindset that staging means a total home makeover, and don’t think that it has to exhaust your time and cash during an already stressful time. Check out these small home staging pieces and projects that can have a big impact with minimal strain on you.


A Good First Impression Goes a Long Way


Many buyers know whether or not they’re going to buy a house the moment they spot it from the curb. First impressions are everything in the real estate world, and even the smallest improvements or additions to your home’s exterior can make you see big results when it comes to a buyer’s offer. An afternoon installing some potted plants on your front porch and giving your fence a fresh coat of paint could be the difference between a sale and a buyer walking before they even see your home’s interior.


Bring In the Finer Things


You want to sell your home as an enviable product, so make sure to dress it up in its finest. Replacing dowdy or outdated furniture, dining ware, and other decorative elements is a speedy way to dress up a room within a few hours’ time, and doesn’t have to cost you a bundle if you rent the elements in question from a professional staging agent. Even a home with rustic charms can benefit from being staged with new and carefully-selected decorative elements, so move that dusty old couch into storage and rent a stylish new loveseat for your home’s open house.


Appealing to the Masses


Depersonalization is a large part of home staging – you want to make your home appeal to the largest market, and for many aspiring home sellers, that means dialing down their personal touch on a home. A home that has fewer family photos, less sports paraphernalia, and fewer unique knickknacks is easier for a prospective buyer to project themselves into. When a buyer can see themselves living in a home, you’re all that much closer to closing the deal.


Let In the Light


Lighting has a huge impact on how buyers view your home, and this element is simple and cheap to work to your advantage. When it comes to bringing in light, more is more: bring in as much natural sunlight as possible with opaque or sheer curtains and large, freshly-cleaned windows. Complement your windows’ efforts by bringing in bright artificial lighting. A standing lamp in a room’s corners will give bright illumination without taking up table or floor space, and is less work to install than ceiling or wall lighting. Not only do standing lamps corner the market on space, but you can match them to nearly any room’s style – an essential when it comes to staging.


Staging is an excellent way to give your home an edge in the real estate market, and when you ask a drab-to-fab staging agent for advice and strategies, you’ll be able to sell your home for the price it deserves. Cut the stress out of your selling experience and consult with the pros today.


Why Depersonalizing Will Help You Sell Your Home

Selling a home is a stressful time for anyone. Emotions run high in the selling process – after all, a given home-seller has been living in their home for years, and detaching themselves from a place they’ve become so familiar with can be harrowing. However, if you’re looking to sell a home in Hamilton County, you absolutely must detach from and depersonalize the property before it goes on the market, or you may wind up paying the price in more ways than one.


Detaching Will Let You Sell With Confidence


It’s understandable that you may feel tied to a property, even if you’re interested in selling it. However, if you don’t make the effort to detach yourself, you won’t be able to stage, sell, and move on with the confidence and determination you need. For many home-sellers, the act of packing up an old home and setting up in a new property helps the detachment process in and of itself. A home that’s already been emptied of its personal flair is far easier to detach from and begin the staging and selling process. Don’t let the process drag on for any longer than it has to – the longer you take, the harder it is to completely let go, and the more stress you welcome into the process. Bringing a professional stager or real estate agent into the process can help keep you on track, as well as organize the proceedings.


Make Your Buyers Feel at Home


The goal of staging is to make your buyers picture themselves into your home. If your home is too personalized to your own tastes, this becomes more difficult. A buyer who walks into a personalized property may feel like more of a guest (or worse, an intruder) rather than someone interested in a purchase. Keep your style and staging neutral, and geared to appeal to wider tastes. Take down family photographs and replace them with colorful art prints, repaint walls in whites and grays, and stage with comfortable-looking, tasteful furniture pieces. Make your rooms look homey, and tailored to garner wide appeal – avoid making your buyers feel alienated at all costs.


Keep Your Personal Life to Yourself


A home that seems to tell a sordid tale about its current residents works against you in a number of ways. For example, a buyer sees that the home’s adult residents have clearly been sleeping in different rooms – they may conclude that a home is being sold by a divorcing couple, and further assume that they are desperate to sell the home as quickly as possible. This leads to the buyer offering a lower price than originally asked, and leads to them being less likely to budge on their offer. Other common culprits of this are evidence of a recently empty nest (graduation pictures, decorated bedrooms being used as storage), or evidence of personal strife (such as an individual looking to sell the property of a recently-deceased family member). Do not allow your home to give any indication that you are desperate to sell your property, even if it is the case – you’ll end up with buyers who will attempt to take advantage of that desperation with lowball offers.


Depersonalized staging can be tricky when it comes to styling a home that you’ve lived in for years. Ask a drab to fab staging agent for strategies, advice, and service to make your home look primed and ready to sell for more on the market. Skip the stress and schedule an appointment to speak with the pros today.



Styling Your Master Bedroom from Head to Toe the Easy Way

When Hamilton County homebuyers look at your home, your master bedroom stands alongside your kitchen and bath as one of the three rooms that have to impress for a sale to be sealed. With so many options for bedroom style to choose from, staging this room can be overwhelming – what do Hamilton County buyers really want to see when it comes to this centerpiece room? Check out these staging tips and tricks to make an impression that can push the deal towards a close.


Consider What You Have to Work With


The features of your bedroom greatly affect how you should be staging it – staging can help maximize its strong points, and minimize its flaws. For example, if your master bedroom is on the small side, stick with only the essentials with your staging, and maximize space. Skip out on decorative elements like pottery, use standing lamps or overhead lighting, and remove bulky elements like dressers or oversized nightstands. Keep surfaces and pathways clear – you don’t want buyers tripping on a throw rug.


Make Your Bedroom Appeal to Both Sexes


You never know what buyers are going to be looking at your home, and you certainly can’t quiz them beforehand to hastily stage together a room that caters to their personal tastes. However, you can take the middle road and strive to present a room that appeals to most tastes – and most importantly, both sexes. Don’t present a room that’s overly masculine, nor one that’s overly feminine. You risk alienating half of your potential buyers, and that’s simply not a risk you can take, even if you’re dying to use that pink rose-print comforter, or bedeck the room in sports memorabilia. Gravitate toward gender-neutral colors and patterns for bedding, and simple but stylish furnishings.


Depersonalize the Room and Keep Things Neutral


Bedrooms are some of the most personal rooms in any given home, and it’s only natural that your room have personal items in it. However, you must clear rooms of these personal items before buyers view the home – you are striving to present a welcoming space, but also a neutral one. An overly-personalized room will jar your buyer out of the proper headspace, and can make them feel like they are intruding in someone’s private life – not something you want to have happen when you’re looking to sell your home. Box up personal knickknacks and photographs to not only bring the space to a more neutral point, but also to clean up the room to your buyer’s eye.


In addition to other efforts to depersonalize a bedroom, stick to colors that have wider appeal. Wine reds and nautical blues may be hot colors in interior design today, but they regardless tend to be risky choices when it comes to making them a bedroom’s dominant color. A bedroom should have a relaxing, soothing aesthetic, so stick with quieter colors like whites, blacks, and grays and add splashes of color with wall art or floral arrangements.


Bedroom interior design can be overwhelming with the amount of choices laid before you. Ask a drab to fab real estate agent for professional tips and advice to really make your home stand out from the crowds, and give you the classic style that will get homebuyers pounding down your door.



Hot Flooring Styles for any Room to Make Your Home Stand Out


Dressing your home from head to toe in style will help your home sell for more, and sell faster. While many enterprising home sellers will freshen a wall’s paint job or modernize furniture for market appeal, they tend to shy away from flooring improvement projects; writing them off as too complicated or expensive to DIY. However, updating your flooring to appeal to current buyer tastes is vital – you shouldn’t and cannot ignore it when flooring affects every room in your house. Learn what flooring trends are hot, and which flooring trends are not, in Hamilton County.


The Best Flooring Styles in 2015


Flooring trends in 2015 are changing just as fast as other designing elements. One of the most popular options remains hardwood flooring, but don’t be fooled – you’re no longer limited to straight lines of American hardwoods in various shades of dark brown. The long-lasting popularity of hardwood flooring has led to the development of a variety of wood species, a variety of colors, and many installation options that will give any room its own unique charm. Bamboo, reclaimed wood, and cork are all hot new wood flooring materials that will give a room a truly unique and striking impact, and yet still have the warm hardwood charm that any buyer is looking for. Expand your tastes beyond brown by installing black, gray, and white hardwood flooring – it will give a room a striking canvas for you and your staging agent to build upon.


Tiling remains a popular and functional flooring option for kitchens and bathrooms; a position this easy-to-clean and durable material well deserves. However, expand your palette beyond the bland whites and into wide-panel geometric tiling to give your kitchen, bathrooms, and more a modern, chic look. Easy and cheap to install with a full library of styles for any taste, tiling is a solid, functional flooring option that should never go ignored.


What Not to Wear: Flooring Styles to Shy From


When staging your home for sale, there are simply some styles that are better than others. Remember that you’re looking to appeal to the largest amount of buyers possible, and to sell your home fast – thus, you shouldn’t take risks on styles that are too high-maintenance or avant-garde. For example, you may think that golden yellow shag carpeting brings the room together, but all buyers are thinking when they see it is how much time, effort, and money it’ll take to rip it up and toss it away. You’ll also want to seriously consider whether the cost of installation will truly be worth it when it comes time to signing away your property. Stonework, a beautiful option that has taken quite a hold on the interior design world, is nevertheless quite expensive when it comes to ringing up costs for materials and the professional install it begs for. If you’re considering a stonework install solely for staging appeal, you may find that other flooring options are far more cost-effective when the home’s final selling price is considered. Stage with simple styles and with materials and colors that have wide appeal, and you’ll see much more of a return on your investment.


Flooring improvement projects can be made easy with the help of a knowledgeable staging agent. Ask a drab-to-fab home staging agent for tips and strategies on improving your home’s overall look for sale – they have the expert knowledge and market experience to help you make the best decisions and get your home selling for more.